Greetings and welcome to our Lodge Website.

I take much pleasure in welcoming you, be you Mason or not and hope that you will find this Masonic web site both useful and informative.

Our Lodge is one of a group of Lodges that meet at Centrepoint Horndean.

What I will say however is what it is not – Freemasonry is NOT a restrictive society as many surmise. It is a voluntary association where the interested comes of his own free will and accord.

Prior to Hitler’s rise in Germany Freemasonry was conducted in Germany, but Hitler viewed Masons as a threat and outlawed Freemasonry. This extended to all areas of German occupation and Freemasons were sent to concentration camps.  It is estimated that between 80,000 and 200,000 Freemasons were murdered under the Nazi regime. During this time the ‘Forget Me Not’ emblem was used as a means to identify fellow Masons.

It was during that period that Freemasons Lodges in the UK started to keep membership secret (due to necessity of the time), whereas prior to this Freemasonry was well known in local communities. Since the end of the second world war the secrecy surrounding Freemasonry has continued. It is only in recent years that Freemasonry has started to become more open. Masonic ritual is the only thing not publicised in order to keep generations of tradition going. Freemasons do swear an oath to keep certain things secret. The same oath includes to uphold the law, act as a good citizen and to help others.

The Internet alone has put paid to the misnomer that Freemasons hide behind closed doors. Freemasonry in the community is encouraged and actively promoted in the province of Hampshire and Isle of Wight. You may very well see the trailer at shows and community events around the province. If you do, please say hello and ask questions.

Freemasonry is NOT a religion as many claim it to be. Nor is it purely the province of men as there are also in existence Freemasons Lodges for women. What we have aimed to do with these few pages is show those that are genuinely interested, a small part of the true face of Freemasonry, the fraternalism and sense of fun that is fundamental to it and makes it what it is.